Maine Ocean Grown Hemp is a company founded on hard work and dedication to growing and processing CBD for MEDICAL PURPOSES.  Our 15 acre field grows alongside the ocean giving our product an organic ocean grown advantage with the sea fog and ocean winds.

We are dedicated to always providing the best quality grow.

We carefully select, grow and harvest all product onsite and guaranteeing the freshest, least handled and therefore closest to it's purest form hemp available. We are committed to doing things the right way and take pride in the hard work that it takes.

We are one of 8 in Maine with an indoor license. We have started our first indoor grow in our 96 foot-long and 30 feet wide green house which is set up to grow all year long.

We look forward to partnering with you to ensure that the best CBD products are available for your customers.

Greg and Garrett (pictured below) started fishing together off the coast of Massachusetts. As they were bent over picking the pile of scallops, they talked about starting a business together. They went though many ideas. Both of them, looked forward to the day when they could be on land with family. With the help of family input and much research, Maine Ocean Grown Hemp was born.


They purchased the old Agway shop which included a 42-acre cow farm. For the last 16 years the farm had been just hayed. Greg and Garrett went through many hurdles and challenges but with the town support, community and family help they were able to move forward and are ready for the first harvest early Nov 2019.


Greg Willis, Son of a long line of Farmers.

Garrett Thorbjornson, Son of a long line of Fishermen.